Events Spring 2018

Pengeskabelse – Har de private banker for meget magt?


Det Samfundsøkonomiske Selskab (The Socioeconomic Society), DSS, is an association at Campus Fuglesangs Allé, Aarhus University. Through presentations and debates concerning the impact of economic theory on society, we seek to raise the level of pluralism and critical thinking of economic theory in the students at Aarhus BSS. Please scroll down to see our financial supporters, whom we appreciate highly.

Economic theory is fundamental to nearly all political activity and as such, it is crucial that economists understand the properties and limitations of the theories. Behind economic models are complex human relations, and when practical regards inevitably lead to simplifying assumptions, one has to consider what implications these assumptions will have on the theory and its relevance when applied in policy-making.

For any general inquiries, please send us a mail at the below-listed address. To get in touch with a particular board member, scroll down to the board section and obtain contact information by hovering the picture.



Mathias Pihl: 2017-2018, Sigurd Nelleman Thorsen: 2016-2018, Lone My Hellerøe Myrtue: 2016-2018, Simon Sørup: 2015-2018, Sebastian Mathias Jensen: 2015-2018, Nikolaj Kaae Mortensen: 2015-2017, Lasse Hjortsballe: 2015-2017, Nicklas Nordahl Møller: 2015-2017, Asger Sigurd Sandahl Christensen: 2013-2017, Tobias Dabelsteen: 2013-2017, Louise Broman: 2013-2017, Mads Falkenfleth Jensen: 2013-2014

Previous Events

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LHP: Active vs Passive Investing

Warren Mosler: Modern Monetary Theory

Du Spørger, Michael Svarer

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Tina W. Frandsen: Brexit – På kort og lang sigt

Peder Pedersen: Om Piketty – Capital in the 21st Century

Emma Von Essen: Behavioral Differences in the Labour Market

Torben M. Andersen: Økonomisk Metode

Nina Smith: Dagpengekommissionen

Peter Stephensen: Teori i Virkeligheden

Katarina Juselius: The Economic Crisis: The Crisis of Economics?

Julia Nafziger: Fair Wages – Fair Effort?

Poul Thøis Madsen: Det Økonomiske Paradigme

Michael Svarer: Det Økonomiske Råd

Bo Sandeman: Hvad er Neoklassisk Økonomi?

Lars Pehrson & Anders Grosen: Fremtidens Banksektor

Inge Røpke: Økologisk Økonomi

Morten Nyboe Tabor: Imperfect Knowledge Economics

Niels I. Meyer: Grænser for vækst

Torben M. Andersen: Er økonomi en videnskab?

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